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1st reading assignment!

Hello, everyone who has decided that reading the Bible together online will be an interesting proposition!

The first reading is Genesis 1:1-2:25.

Here are some questions about the reading to get the discussion off the ground (kindly provided by co-moderator nupuppylover.

1. Based on these readings about the beginning of our world, would you deem yourself a Creationist or an Evolutionist? Give reasons for your examples and feel free to cite non-Biblical sources such as science and Christian studies. If you are not a Christian, be sure to tell us whether you're answering the question from the perspective of a Christian or a non-Christian. If you are a Christian evolutionist, please explain how you reconcile faith and science, if you feel comfortable.

2. Many Biblical scholars agree that Genesis contains two stories of creation within the aforementioned readings. What are the ramifications for readers when we see two stories? If you choose, consider that, historically speaking, these stories probably come from different sources as is indicated by the differences in the writing. On the other hand, theologically, most Christians believe that the Holy Spirit inspired and vicariously authored all Scripture. How are these paradigms relevant here?

3. The Bible tells us that God made Eve from the rib of Adam so that she could be a "helper" for him (NIV translation). What is the relevance of this part of the story?

4. What else did you find interesting or worthy of discussion?

Don't forget, when leaving a comment, be sure to cite which translation you're using.

We will be alternating between the Old and New Testaments, so look forward to meeting the big JC next post.
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