Josh (schreibergasse) wrote in bible_babble,

Wisdom Weirdness

(To anyone who's still on this list. I'm not sure whether the Great Moderator Switch has happened yet.)

...been reading through the book of Wisdom, and man, the last chapters are some trippy stuff. I mean, it's clearly some sort of weird Midrash on Exodus, but it seems to be referring to some other, additional, and frankly trippy tradition. "Fire increased its own virtue in the water / And water forgot its property of extinguishing"? (19.20-21; summing up 16.17-23) Or the fire-breathing "beasts not only able to crush them with a blow / but also to destroy them by their terrifying appearance"? (11.19-21)

I don't know if anyone can shed light on traditions about the Exodus that I don't know about, but everyone should go revel in the weirdness.

Meantime: is this the kind of stuff that should be on this blog?
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